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Five journalists and media organisations, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, the Independent trade union of journalists, the Council of Ethics, the Macedonian Institute of Media and the Institute of Communication Studies, today to the Assembly submitted the proposal of the European mediator Peter Vanhoutten amending the Law on audio and audio-visual services, as a good basis for undertaking the media reforms.
The initiative was submitted to all Members of the Assembly in order to continue the debate on media reforms, after talks between the signatories of the Przhino agreement failed.

We expect the initiative to be discussed seriously and in a transparent manner with the involvement of all media organizations and to achieve the best possible solution.

The five organisations remain committed to the adoption of media reforms and that does not mean just change the law, but also their effective implementation.

We expect parliamentarians to support the proposal of the mediator Vanhoutte, while the speaker of the Assembly to urgently call a session to discuss this issue.

Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM);
Independent Trade Union of Journalists (ITUJ);
Council of Media Ethics (CMEM);
Macedonian Institute of Media (MIM);
Institute of Communication Studies (ICS).

28 March 2016, Skopje