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The Association of Journalists of Macedonia condemns the behavior of the police officers towards the journalists from NOVA , Free Europe and Focus, Saska Cvetkovska , Marija Mitevska and Meri Jordanovska , which yesterday reported about0 the protest in Gjorce Petrov .
Making a pressure to delete and deleting photo and video materials by the police represents is direct violation of the Article 16 of the Constitution which prohibits censorship and guarantees free access to information and the freedom to receive and to transfer information . With this behavior the  police prevented the journalists from reporting the event and put itself in the role of a censor who decides what should and what shouldn’t be seen by the Macedonian public.
Protests are always events of public interest and the public has a right to know what is happening during the protests , if there are injuries, if there is destruction of public and private property , and if possible the police have overstepped its authority and used excessive force.
The incident was duly reported to the Internal Control Department of Ministry of Interior and police and AJM is expecting the police to resolve the case and to uncover those who are responsible and to punish them accordingly. This will prevent a future repeat of this unacceptable behavior of the police.