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Even though the government never provided an explanation why most of the suggestions of AJM regarding the media laws are not accepted, we decided to submit amendments to the Parliament for these laws, because we are very interested and being constructive in the whole process.
For the Media Law AJM submitted only one amendment, which intervened in the final regulations, where lawmakers seek enforcement of this law be postponed for the day when Macedonia will become EU member.
We expect members to accept the amendment to prevent possible damage that this law would have caused to the work of print and online media, as well as to prevent the negative impact that will have on freedom of expression and media freedom.
The adoption of this amendment, lawmakers will avoid damages for the euro integration process of Macedonia because the law is not required by the European Union, but only from the government. Lawmakers have an ideal opportunity to the Macedonian public to resolve all doubts that the adoption of this law is intended to limit freedom of expression and media freedom.
The government claims that this law is in line with European standards. If so then we have nothing against the law to be applied when we will become a member of EU. If any authority through accession negotiations is able to convince the European Commission that the country's respect the freedom of expression and freedom of the media, then there is no risk that the application of this law will be abused to silence critical voices in the media.
Regarding the Law on Audiovisual Media Services several amendments that prevents political interference in the selection of members of the Programme Council of MRT and provides sustainable funding for public service were submitted. Other amendments are related to the Agency for Media and are striving to strengthen the institutional independence of the regulator and to ensure transparency in its work. These requirements are in line with the assessments of the experts from the OSCE and the Council of Europe.
Amendments from AJM regarding the media laws are enclosed