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The Association of Journalists of Macedonia is seriously concerned about the frequent threats about physical attacks and pressures against the journalists. In less than two weeks, several public officials tried to physically attack with the journalists just because they are not satisfied with the way they were reporting.

The insults and the threats of physical assault for the sports journalist Igor Filevski by the handball referee Viktor Nacevski, the son of the Secretary-General of the Macedonian Handball Federation, Marjan Nacevski is a rough attack on the media freedom and the dignity of journalists.

AJM warns the institutions to seriously understand the situation and to take vigorous measures to prevent such threats, aimed at spreading fear and annoying the journalists. The ultimate goal of these attacks is to prevent journalists to carry out their work professionally. These verbal threats If are not treated immediately can become reality and to lead in question the safety of journalists.

If institutions do not act preemptively there is a great danger for the journalists to be exposed to physical violence. In this case, the institutions will become an accomplices to such violence, which is unacceptable in democratic countries.

For the last case and all the similar cases that will eventually happen in the future, AJM through legal representatives and in consultation with the journalists, will submit an appeal to the competent court.