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The Association of Journalists of Macedonia strongly condemns today's incident in the  Parliament where on a violent way the journalists were expelled from the “gallery room” from which they were following the plenary session.  With this act, the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of expression and media freedom was grossly violated.
The authorities that gave the orders for this shameful act has formalized the censorship and decided what must and what must not to be followed by the reporters. The forcibly evicted journalists with nothing caused the reaction of the security, nor there was a legal basis for their removal.
We were removed to witness the removal of the opposition MPs from the sessions. This is a case that should not go unpunished.
For these reasons the Board of AJM stops all the negotiations with the Government until the return of the constitutional order in Macedonia, and until the perpetrators and the authorities of this shameful behavior are not being detected and punished according to the law.
AJM will use all the legal mechanisms to protect freedom of expression and media freedom. Also, we will alert all the domestic and foreign public about this events in the Parliament.